I earned my BA in French and Spanish (through the honors program and cum laude) from Western Washington University, followed by my Master’s In Teaching (which I lovingly refer to as Grad School 1.0). Then I taught high school Spanish for two years. Missing French and missing research, I moved across the country to attend the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign (Grad School 2.0). Since then, I have earned an MA and a PhD in French Linguistics with a concentration in Romance Linguistics. I currently teach high school Spanish and French while using my language skills to help recent immigrants to the United States.

I am the founder of Translation Pour Vous, LLC.

closeup with flowers.

My primary interest is in language learning in study abroad. I have worked in the field as a peer advisor, administrative graduate assistant, program director, and instructor. My own study abroad experiences as a student were an independent exchange to Paris in high school, a health education internship in Peru as an undergraduate, and a French immersion program in Quebec during Grad School 2.0. These were wonderful, life-changing experiences, both for language proficiency and for personal development.

An updated photo from December, 2020.