Jessica A. Nicholas

PhD in French Linguistics

Education and Research


I am a foreign language educator and sociophonetician. My research explores the connection between social factors, student-specific factors, and the acquisition of dialectal features by study abroad students.

Originally from the Seattle area, I enjoy singing, coffee, and the outdoors. I have a dog, two cats and a parrot. Yes, the parrot can talk, and no, the cats have not eaten him.

Nasal vowels are my favorite.

My doctoral dissertation was titled: “Social and learner-specific factors in the acquisition of native-like phonetic contrasts by study abroad students in Paris, France.” The degree was conferred in May of 2018. You can access my dissertation here.

I am also the host of the podcast, “Bonjour, Everybody!”

I am the founder of the French-English translation company, Translation Pour Vous, LLC.